10 Graduation Gift Ideas


It’s that time of year again, graduation time! The school year is coming close, and graduation is just around the corner. You are wondering what graduation gift to get for that special graduate. No worries, I’ve covered you with a list of 10 items your graduate will love and use.

Whether your graduation gift is for a high school graduate or a college graduate, this list offers excellent options. Also, if you are a DIYer like myself, you will find a few DIY ideas that your graduate will appreciate!

  1. Glass Bottle Gift

Let’s face it; you can never go wrong with giving your graduate money. If they are going off to college or graduating from college and venturing off into their career, they will definitely need money. And dressing it up in this cute bottle is an awesome way to say congratulations.

Source: Crafty Morning

2. Bottle Set

This graduation gift bottle set is a super cute idea. Fill each bottle with their favorite candy, money, or other favorites. Your graduate will smile from ear to ear as they walk away with this graduation gift.

3. Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Book

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Readers are Leaders.’ I am truly a firm believer in this statement as an avid reader.

And now that your graduate is venturing into adulthood, they will need to learn how to manage their money. Dave Ramsey does an excellent job explaining the importance of debt-free, investing, retirement, and more.

So grab a few copies of his book, The Total Money Makeover, to give to as many graduates as you can.

Source: amazon.com

4. Candy Bouquet

This candy bouquet is a win for your graduate that has a sweet tooth. Combined with a gift card and cool mug, this graduation gift covers all the sweet spots—–literally!

Source: fun-squared.com

5. College Survival Kit

For those graduates heading off to college, the great idea is to make them a college survival kit. Be sure to pack it with essential items and things they love. This will help your graduate adjust to the changes.

6. Laundry Kit

One thing your high school graduate must do when they go off to college is washing their clothes. You know your graduate will use this laundry kit to smell oh-so-fresh as they hurry to class each morning.

Source: hip2save.com

7. Amazon Gift Card

Gift cards are a personal favorite of mine as they allow that person to choose what they want. Even better than that is giving your graduate an Amazon gift card, as Amazon has virtually everything they need in one place. Oh, and the gift card box for graduates is ingenious.

Source: amazon.com

8. ASUS ChromeBook

One thing I remember when I was in college was that I was constantly writing papers, and a computer was necessary. This Chromebook is not only affordable, but it also is vital for all college students.

Source: amazon.com

9. Dollar Store College Survival Kit

If you are gifting on a budget (which we all are), creating a college survival kit with Dollar Tree items is a must. They have a great selection, and everything is just $1.

10. Graduation Gift Wreath

Feeling creative?  Create a gift wreath with your graduate’s favorite gift cards and cash; this gift wreath is the ultimate graduation gift!

I hope you enjoyed this list and you are able to take one of the ideas and personalize it for your graduate(s)!




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