14 Dollar Tree Money-Saving Products For Your Wedding Centerpiece


If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know I love the Dollar Tree. They offer many money-saving products for your wedding centerpieces!

I have a passion to help soon to be brides, event planners, and anyone else planning a wedding save money. The cost of weddings has skyrocketed in the past few years forcing brides to choose between paying their bills, planning their dream honeymoon or having their dream wedding.

Well, I say why can’t you have it all?

The answer is you can.

Now let me clarify, it will be work on your part but it can be done. I have assisted brides for years with this task and can say I’ve seen many brides come up with creative ideas to save themselves money.

You may need to make a few compromises but that does not mean you still won’t be happy with the outcome.

One of the ways I have done this is in the area of DIY Wedding Centerpieces.

Hiring an event planner may not be within your budget or on the flip side, an event planner may need to make some adjustments to meet a bride’s budget. So one way to do that is by minimizing the cost involved in creating your wedding centerpieces.

We receive many project requests from brides, event planners, grandmothers, and mothers. You name it on how to complete wedding centerpieces within a set budget.

This post is a roundup of 14 Dollar Tree Items we frequently use on wedding centerpieces project requests. These items can sometimes be out of stock due to their quality and let’s just say you also cannot beat the price of paying $1.

So if you plan on DIYing your own wedding centerpieces, you may want to stock up on these Dollar Tree must-have items!

14 Money-Saving Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Using Dollar Tree Products

1. Glass Cylinder Vase, 9 inch

The 9 Inch Dollar Tree vase is a staple product that I have used for many DIY wedding centerpieces projects. This vase is so versatile and can be used for virtually any wedding theme, including beach weddings, vintage weddings, elegant weddings, and so much more. The ivory roses used in this wedding centerpiece are very inexpensive but have a realistic look and feel that can be found here.

Click here to view this centerpiece

2. Glass Taper Candleholders, 4″

I absolutely love Dollar Tree’s glass taper candleholders. This product is a true gem as you can actually stack these to create your own candle holder vases. Think about it! For just a few dollars, you can spray paint your candleholders to make elegant wedding centerpieces. The possibilities with these candleholders are endless!

Click here to view this centerpiece

3. Yucatan Margarita Glasses, 12 oz.

Who doesn’t love a good Margarita! But have you ever thought about using a margarita glass for something other than a drink? This newfound staple product is definitely a keeper. If you are planning a glam wedding give it some extra flavor with centerpieces inspired by a margarita glass. The blush and ivory roses are an absolutely gorgeous addition to this already beautiful wedding centerpiece!

Click here to view this centerpiece

4. Multi-Toned River Pebbles, 32 oz.

These earth-toned river pebbles are a great accent to any centerpiece. Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or just want to add this to your dining room table. Bring in a zen relaxed feeling with succulents, bamboo windchimes and candles!

Click here to view this centerpiece

5. Round Glass Floral Bowls

Is that a fish bowl you might ask? Although, this looks like a bowl for a fish, I am here to tell you this bowl can be used to create showstopping centerpieces for your wedding. Just add some E6000 and you can create a unique looking vase for as little as $4!

Click here to view this centerpiece

6. Roman Urn Glass Candleholders, 3.5 in.

Okay so let me blow your mind! Did you know you could use a glass candleholder to increase the height of your vase? This is a great alternative to purchasing taller vases. Just take the 9 inch cylinder vase I discussed earlier in this post and adhere it with a 3.5 inch roman urn glass candleholder. Your vase instantly goes from 9 inches to 12.5 inches. Pretty cool, huh! The best part is you only spent $2!

Click here to view this centerpiece

7. White Foam Disks, 2-ct. Packs

Stock up, stock up, stock up on white foam disks! I seriously use foam disk for almost every project and apparently so does everyone else because they are a hit or miss in many Dollar Tree stores! Which is why I usually purchase them online. Enhance your creativity with foam disks by recreating beautiful elegant wedding candelabra!

Click here to view this centerpiece

8. Glass Mirror Candleholders, 5 in.

Mirror Mirror on the foam who’s the DIYer that loves the look of chrome! Okay so my rhyme might be a little corny but these mirrors shine just like chrome metal. Attach the square mirrors to a foam block to create this one of a kind pedastal centerpieces stand!

Click here to view this centerpiece

9. Colorful Assorted Plastic Fun Hula Hoops

Get crafty with hula hoops! Hula Hoops have become a new trend for wedding decor. Embellish your hula hoops with lights, flowers, rope and more. Turn a hula hoop from an ordinary kid’s toy to an extraordinary wedding focal point!

Click here to view this centerpiece

10. Luminessence Battery-Operated Ivory Wax LED Pillar Candles, 4 in.

Illuminate your space with LED Pillar Candles. With many venues not allowing you to use real candles, you can have the same look at a fraction of the cost. Also, you can use these candles over and over again. So you will definitely get your money’s worth!

Click here to view this centerpiece

11. Cooking Concepts 1.5-oz. Dessert Shot Glasses, 3-ct. Packs

For those venues that do allow candles, display beautiful candlelight with these dessert shot glasses. Like I’ve said before, use your imagination! Glasses can be used for more than just drinking!

Click here to view this centerpiece

12. Floral Garden 5-Stem Cream Velvety Roses, 14 in.

To create the look of real roses, it’s all in the type of flowers you choose. The Dollar Tree has an amazing selection of velvety roses that have an appearance similar to real flowers. However, these flowers are seasonal and I usually only see these in my local Dollar Tree around Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, I now have my own flowers that you can find all year long here. My flowers are handmade, inexpensive, and look and feel like real flowers, you will LOVE them!

Click here to view this centerpiece

13. Jardin Glass Vases, 7 in.

Dazzle up your tablescape with jardin glass vases. This simple elegant vase has so many possibilities. Add some LED candlesticks and you have a dreamy centerpiece worthy to be praised!

Click here to view this centerpiece

14. Floral Garden Fern and Spider Bushes, 13 in.

Bring in the natural elements of greenery to beautify your floral centerpieces. Add in some pink roses and you have one magnificent masterpiece!

Click here to view this centerpiece

I hope you enjoyed this list and you are able to save money on your wedding centerpieces!




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