3 Wedding DIY Centerpieces That Won’t Break The Bank


No matter how big or small your wedding is, you still want it to look like a dream come true. Whether you like big and bold or small and delicate, centerpieces for your wedding reception can add up when you put them all together. That’s why I want to ensure that you can stay on budget while still having beautiful centerpieces for the post-ceremony celebration. 

To inspire you, here are 3 DIY Wedding Centerpieces that are worthy of being on every Pinterest board and won’t leave your pockets empty. 

*A Quick Money Saving Tip!*

Before we jump into DIYing, remember to sign up for your Rakuten account to save money! They pay you to shop! Simply click on the link and sign up for your account. When you are ready to shop, sign on to your account, make your qualified purchases, and receive a check at the end of the month for your shopping efforts. Just another fantastic way that you can stay on budget for your wedding.

DIY Glam Centerpiece 

Suppose you are looking for a bit of glamour and shine for your wedding reception. In that case, this tall and glamorous centerpiece is exactly what you need to wow your guests and make your tables a work of art. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: this much glamour will come at a high price point, but did you know I made this centerpiece for only $66.98? An absolute budgeting steal for a centerpiece that brings all the sparkling bells and whistles. The trick to keeping this dazzling centerpiece under budget is to find dupes. While we would all like to have crystal vases and dripping jewels at our wedding, you can find the same look for a much more affordable price. 

For example, the gem garland used in this project only costs $8.99 on Amazon and comes with 12 strands. So not only do you have an excellent replacement for a more expensive crystal garland, but you have enough to do more than one centerpiece as well. 

Romantic Wedding Centerpiece

Looking for a little less glam and a little more romance? This absolutely dreamy centerpiece bursting with full flowers and tall vases is precisely what you need for your wedding. But of course, added romance usually translates to higher costs. Lucky for you, I have found ways to get the look you want for a fraction of the cost. 

This fairytale-like wedding centerpiece is filled with soft colors and open flowers. And while it may seem like you can only get flowers like these at the freshest of flower marts, you can get them for under $15! How? Fake flowers can be convincing, as long as you know how to style them. Here, we’ve taken faux roses and hydrangeas and were able to turn them into this beautiful centerpiece. It just shows that there are so many ways to get the look and save your money. 

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Finally, do you want to test your DIY skills and impress your guests by saying, “I made this,” when they ask about the centerpiece? In that case, this gorgeous floating candle centerpiece is what you want. 

This dreamy and romantic wedding centerpiece looks like it came right off your wedding Pinterest board and into real life. And while you may be skeptical about how this can be a project that can stay on budget, can we let you in on a secret? We used vases and supplies from The Dollar Tree! This project shows that you do not need to blow your budget to make a dazzling wedding centerpiece, and it’s all about the placement and styling of the items you get. With two $1 vases and some E6000, I could turn short pilsner glasses into one tall and elegant vase for the center of your wedding table. 

While having the budget to splurge on decor is excellent, there isn’t a need to. You can get the looks you want for half the price (or less) with some help from Miss PlanIt. 

Let me know what ways you’ve saved on your wedding decor, and remember, When every penny counts, count on Miss PlanIt.

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