5 Easy Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Bouquets


When getting your wedding preparations underway, there is much to think about, plan for, and budget. From food to decor and your dress, it’s essential to save money when possible. Luckily, one way that you can easily save some money is by creating your wedding bouquet!

Not only is this a great way to stay within budget, but creating your wedding bouquet can be an incredibly special experience for the bride-to-be. It allows you to customize your bouquet and make it your own without increasing the price. Also, this is something special that you can share with your bridesmaids! You can make a whole night of DIYing your bridal party bouquets.

If you’re unsure where to start on your journey to creating your custom bouquet, don’t fret. I have five easy DIY wedding bouquets that are easy to replicate or make your own! 

Fall Rose Bridal Bouquet

With the Fall season coming into full swing, some of you may be putting the finishing touches on your dream Autumn wedding. And while everything else is falling into place, the bouquet may be something you haven’t thought of yet. For all of our Fall brides, I invite you to “fall” in love with this Fall Rose Bridal Bouquet. This bouquet takes all the elegance of traditional bridal bouquets while adding the warmth and richness of the Fall season. 

While this bouquet can easily cost $100+ if you get it professionally made, you can recreate it for half the price, and that gives you another $50 to spend elsewhere! Maybe on wedding jewelry to complete your look. Watch here!

Lily of the Valley Wedding Bouquet

This DIY bouquet is for the classic bride who has a flair for the romantic but doesn’t want to pay the price for her dream look. The bouquet incorporates deep burgundy roses, stunning white lilies, and sunflowers to create a fairytale bouquet featured on your Pinterest board. And the best part of this is that it costs under $50 to make this! A dream come true! Watch a tutorial here!

Cascading Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet 

If you are looking for a showstopper, this cascading bouquet is just for you. This bouquet style is very on trend and doesn’t seem to be going out of style very soon. But with the bouquet’s trend and dramatic flair comes a usually hefty price. Lucky for you, I’ve created this easy cascading bouquet that only takes three easy steps to complete. 

Not only is it an easy bouquet to make, but it also can be customized to your liking. Want a more dramatic bouquet with lots of lengths? You can purchase flowers with longer stems. Looking for a different color or to add more color? You can easily switch out the flowers for different styles. This is genuinely an easy creation for everyone. Watch the tutorial here!

Easy DIY Rose and Fern Wedding Bouquet 

With lush colors and fern details, this DIY bouquet is the perfect one to make for your bridesmaids. Gather your crew together and make this bouquet personalized to each person. This is the ideal style to do if your bridesmaids wear the same dress but in different colors or if you want them to have a different color than the bride’s bouquet. Watch the tutorial here!

DIY Pearl Bridal Bouquet 

If flowers are not your forté, I encourage you to explore a non-traditional option with this DIY pearl bouquet. Although I genuinely love some aspects of traditional wedding decor, I also love thinking outside the box and using unconventional pieces. This bridal bouquet is most definitely a twist on tradition! 

While this may seem like a complex bouquet to replicate, Floral pins are the main player in this DIY! And it only costs $36.00 to make! See the tutorial below!

No matter what style you want for your bouquet, just know that it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to get it. And if these DIYs didn’t do it for you, check out our bridal bouquet playlist here! And if you are looking for more money-saving ideas for your wedding, check out our selection of blogs here.

And remember, when every penny counts, count on Miss PlanIt! 



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