7 Ways To Save A Ton of Money On Your Wedding Flowers


Wedding flowers are expensive! The cost to have a florist complete your floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and anything else flower-related may shock you! More importantly, spending $1000, $3000, $5000 or more on flowers may not be in your budget.

So, what do you do if this is the case? You Do It Yourself, research pricing, and shop smart! I have compiled a list to help you get started.

Here are seven ways you can save a ton of money on your wedding flowers!

1. Shop Dollar Tree

I receive project requests from brides and event planners daily to help them recreate wedding decor within their budget. And for many of those projects, I have used Dollar Tree flowers. The velvety flowers at Dollar Tree are the most realistic-looking flowers they have. But they are seasonal flowers that are not always available. However, if I am not using those, I usually incorporate more expensive flowers with my Dollar Tree flowers, including greenery, to have a more realistic look.

Also, go with your staple flowers when buying from the Dollar Tree, such as roses and hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are the best filler flowers, and you can never go wrong with roses as an accent. So, buy them in neutral and classic colors. Creams, reds, and pinks!

I highly suggest you go to your local Dollar Tree, pick out your flowers, and do a test run of your wedding decor. This way you know if you like the outcome. To buy in bulk, you can buy their flowers online and, most times, have them shipped to your local Dollar Tree for free. Be sure to check the colors in the bulk options, as you may not be able to buy all one color in bulk. If this is the case, I usually shop around and go to all my local Dollar Trees until I find the flowers I need in 1 color!

2. Buy From Costco or Sam’s Club

Yes, not only can you get your toilet paper in bulk for less, but you can also get beautiful fresh flowers for cheap at your local Sam’s club or Costco! They both have excellent wedding packages to choose from. Many brides have spent as little as $150-$200 versus $2000 total for all their fresh flowers at their local Sam’s or Costco. This of course, depends on many factors, such as how many flowers you need and what type of flowers you purchase. Costco has a gorgeous 14-Piece Calla Lily Collection for just $399.99, and Sam’s has over 60 collections to choose from, starting at $107.98. Don’t need a collection? No worries, you can just buy the flowers you need at either store for as little as $4.99 for baby’s breath or $39.98 for 15 hydrangeas. There are several different flowers to choose from!

3. Only Shop Hobby Lobby When Flowers Are 50% Off

Hands down, Hobby Lobby, is one of my favorite stores. And I shop there often! They usually have their flowers on sale for 50% off every other week; at least, that is how it is at my local Hobby Lobby. If I were you, I would buy all my flowers during that time. The key is to buy them early, do not wait until the last minute. When you wait until the last minute, you may be forced to buy your flowers on a week they are not on sale. If this happens, don’t worry, they always offer a 40% off coupon that you can pull up on your cell phone and present to the cashier. However, this 40% off coupon is for 1 item only. The best thing to do is wait until they are 50% off, so you can get the most bang for your buck. Also, be sure to check out their website for deals. They sometimes offer free shipping that is for a limited time.

4. Go the No-Flower Route

One great alternative to saving money on your wedding flowers is not to use flowers at all. You can create beautiful wedding centerpieces with greenery and candles. This can save you thousands of dollars. One great idea I’ve seen is having your bridesmaids carry a lantern instead of a bouquet.  This is a fantastic idea, especially if you want to go the non-traditional route.

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5. Shop on Amazon

You can get great deals on quality artificial wedding flowers at Amazon.com! There are so many different sellers to choose from who sell quality ‘real looking’ flowers. Also, if you need the flowers sooner than later, you can sign up for a FREE Prime 30 Day Trial Account to receive your flowers in just 1 to 2 business days.

6. Use Paper Flowers

Get creative with paper! Many brides are putting their creativity to use by creating paper flower wedding bridal bouquets and incorporating them in their wedding centerpieces. You can easily find cardstock on sale at your local craft store and save hundreds of dollars for your wedding decorations!

7. Buy From Your Farmer’s Market or Local Grocery Store

One way you can save money on your fresh wedding flowers is to purchase them from your local grocery store. I made a beautiful fresh flower bouquet for less than $35.00 using flowers from my local grocery store. Many brides also suggest farmer’s markets as a great way to buy fresh wedding flowers without breaking the bank!

Although wedding flowers can be very expensive, these ideas are some awesome ways for you to cut the cost and stay within your budget! If you have ideas on how to save money on wedding flowers, please leave a comment below. Your ideas will greatly help a bride-to-be!



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