8 Ways to Save Money On Bridesmaids Dresses


When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses, you typically need to consider the budget of your bridesmaids and what they can afford. Having an up-front conversation with them is a great way to start!

I know in some parts of the world, it is customary for the bride to pay for the bridesmaid’s dresses. However, I live in the U.S., and for every Wedding, I have been to, I purchased my own bridesmaid’s dress. Likewise, when I had my Wedding, the bridesmaids purchased their dresses.

I have been to MANY weddings, and I must say I thought some of the prices of bridesmaid dresses were ridiculous, especially when I was asked to be at my friend’s weddings. I was a recent college student still trying to pay off all my student loans, new in my career, and planning my Wedding.

So I didn’t have that much extra money.

But I sucked it up and paid for the dresses anyway. It seemed like my friends, and I chose to get married in the same year. The most I paid for a bridesmaid dress was a little over $200.

And I must be honest, that was just too expensive for me during that time. I vowed that when I had my wedding, I would do my best to find the best deals for my bridesmaids. The dress I chose was also over $200…lol, and many bridesmaids could not afford to pay that much.

So I went on a search to get them the very best deal and was able to get the price down to $135 per dress. Which was a price all my bridesmaids agreed they could afford.

I was so happy I could have the bridesmaid dresses I envisioned within my bridesmaid’s budgets. So let me share with you eight ways you can save your bridesmaids money on their bridesmaid dresses.

1. Negotiate with Local Bridal Shops

This is what I did to save money on my bridesmaid dresses! I already had my bridesmaid dresses chosen from researching online and decided to visit my local bridal shops to discuss pricing. I had a large bridal party, so due to the number of dresses being purchased, one of the local bridal shops in my area dropped the dress price from $200 to $135. So keep in mind the more you buy, the more you have room to negotiate.

2. Shop David’s Bridal Online Sales

I am not sure if you know this, but David’s Bridal frequently runs sales on their dresses. I have seen beautiful bridesmaid dresses for as little as $19.99. Check out their site and see if there are any bridesmaid dresses you love on sale. Then set up a meet-up with your bridesmaids so they can try their dresses on. Also, most cities have a David’s Bridal in the area, so if you have an out-of-town bridesmaid, they can go to their local David’s Bridal. Once everyone has their size, go back online and order their dresses.

3. Use Ebates For Online Purchases

Continuing from #2, before purchasing any of the dresses online, ensure you and your bridesmaids sign up with Ebates. You can either get the money from them and make the purchase or have them purchase them themselves. No matter how you choose, using Ebates earns you cash back. So not only can you use this for your bridesmaid dresses but also for all your other online purchases.

4. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Dress

Mix and Match bridesmaid dresses are on the rise, and I love the idea! Instead of going the traditional route with all your bridesmaids wearing the same dress, let them choose their dress. Be clear on the color and style of dress you would like. Many places like Ross Dress For Less, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx have GREAT DEALS on dresses that are perfect for weddings. So not only will they be able to pick something they love, but they also will stay within their budget.

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5. Go to Consignment Shops and Thrift Shops

Consignment shops and thrift shops are awesome options for bridesmaid dresses. Especially if you are doing mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses. This is because many people bring their formal wear or bridesmaid dresses they only wore once to sell. You can get a practically new dress for a steal.

6. Opt for a Prom Dress

Consider choosing prom dresses instead of bridesmaid dresses. There are many prom dresses you can find that is quite lovely. They also can have a significantly lower price than bridesmaid dresses. Be sure to check out any major sales or deals that are usually being run after prom season.

7. Amazon to the Rescue

Amazon has everything you can imagine for sale on their site! So it should not be a surprise that you can also purchase gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. They have a great selection of bridesmaids’ dresses for under $100. When checking out the bridesmaid dresses on Amazon, read the reviews. This will give you an idea of how the dresses fit and the quality of the dress. Also, if you need the dress sooner than later, you can sign up with a FREE Prime 30 Day Trial Account to receive your dress in 2 business days.

8. Say Yes to Azazie

I have mentioned a couple of online options here, but ultimately, you can find many other options online. For example, Azazie is one online option I know brides and bridesmaids rave about. Most have had a great experience with them. But do your homework and research. Decide what will work best for YOUR bridesmaids. Trust me; they will love you for considering them and saving them money!




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