Adorable and Affordable Carousel Wishes Centerpiece


Celebrate your bundle of joy’s upcoming arrival with a carousel-themed baby shower! For this week’s project request, we completed a horse carousel centerpiece perfect for a baby girl, but this centerpiece can also be tweaked for a baby boy. Furthermore, this is a great idea for a baby shower centerpiece and can also be used for a birthday party. Let’s make your baby shower event something your guests won’t soon forget with this easy-to-make and also affordable carousel baby shower centerpiece!


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Let’s Get Started:

Click our affiliate links below to purchase the supplies needed for this project:

5 inch Horse
.25 inch Wood Dowel
Wood Toy Wheels
Wood Finial Cap
Krylon Foil Spray Paint
7.8 Inch Foam Disc
2.8 Inch Foam Disc
Rhinestone Trim
Pink Ribbon Trim
Pink Roses
White Roses
Pink Mini Peonies
White Mini Peonies
Fern Stem


If you prefer to watch me make this, check it out here!

If you prefer written instructions, please continue reading.

How to Make a Carousel Baby Shower Centerpiece


STEP 1: The first step is to attach your horse to your foam base. Cut your 12-inch wooden dowel in half. You will use half of your wooden dowel for the top of your carousel. Also, you will use the other half to attach to the bottom of your foam base. Attach your wooden dowel piece to your wooden toy wheel by buying hot glue.

TIP: You probably need to trim your wooden dowel to fit in your wheel.

STEP 2: Next, take your attached wooden dowel piece/wooden wheel and hot glue it to the bottom of your horse. Add a liberal amount of hot glue during this step to ensure it remains attached.

TIP: Patience is the key to completing this step because you will need to be sure it is level and dries.

STEP 3: Complete step 2 by adding the wooden dowel piece/wooden wheel to the top of your horse.  Now attach a finial cap to the top of your wooden dowel using hot glue. Next, spray it all with gold foil paint and allow it to dry.

Create Your Foam Base

STEP 4: You will now create your foam base. Place one of your 2.8 inch foam disc on the right side of your 7.8 inch foam disc securing with hot glue and long toothpicks.

STEP 5: Repeat step four, this time stacking 2 of your foam discs one on top of the other on the left side of your 7.8 inch foam disc. Now trim the top of the toothpicks.

STEP 6: Wrap your gold rhinestone trim around your 2.8 inch foam discs and your 7.8 inch foam disc. Cut and attach your trim using hot glue. Pre punch a hole with the bottom of your horse in your foam base. Remove your horse, add hot glue to the hole, and then attach your horse. Repeat this step 2 more times to add your additional horses.

TIP: Hold each horse in place for a minute or 2 to make sure it is set. Adjust the horses as needed according to your desired height. For this particular centerpiece, 3 horses were used.

Add Flowers to Your Base

STEP 7: Now attach 6-9 pink roses and 6-9 cream roses to your 7.8 inch foam disc. Fill in the remaining spaces with mini pink and cream peonies to your 7.8 inch foam disc and your 2.8 inch foam discs. Add a touch of green by adding fern stems to your 7.8 inch foam disc.

STEP 8: Your centerpiece is almost complete. The final step is to attach your 1/4 inch pink satin ribbon to the top of your carousel horse. Wrap it around and then secure your ribbon with hot glue.

I absolutely love how this Horse Carousel centerpiece turned out! The outcome is amazing and will definitely add that extra special touch to any baby shower!

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