Beautiful Enchanted Forest DIY Wedding Bouquet


Happy New Year!  I’m so excited to start the New Year with this breathtaking Enchanted Forest DIY Wedding Bouquet!  I love how it can enhance the most traditional to the most unconventional of Brides.  This wedding bouquet was fun to make.

Also, I must say inexpensive compared to the cost of many other Wedding Bouquets. According to the bride-to-be, the cost of this wedding bouquet was $375.00. I am so happy to say I was able to make it for less than $100.

In addition, I love how unique and different this wedding bouquet is. It will definitely make a statement on your big day. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started! 

How To Make a Wedding Bouquet For An Enchanted Forest Wedding


Straight Handle Bouquet Holder
Green Styrofoam Ball – 5″
Ivory Satin Bouquet Collar – 8”
Green Lambs Ear Stem
Boxwood Leaf Spray
Real Touch Leaf Artificial Eucalyptus Branches Stem
Purple Eucalyptus Plant Silver Dollar
Long of Artificial Eucalyptus Leave
9 Big Blooms Phalaenopsis Silk Flowers
6 Pcs Artificial Burgundy Berries Twig

*Cost of Featured Project $81.80 (Some supplies cover more than 1 bouquet) * Prices fluctuate depending on coupon discount amount. *Price based on current sale cost. (taxes not included)


STEP 1: Our base for this bouquet will be a Straight Handle Bouquet Holder and a 5 inch Green Styrofoam Ball.  Cut your ball in half using a Foam Cutter Knife.  Next cut out the center to fit the top of the handle snuggly.  Attach with hot glue. 

STEP 2:   Attach 2 Bushels of Purple Eucalyptus Stems and 6-8 Long Leaf Eucalyptus Stems. Also attach 8-10 Green Lambs Ear Stem and 4-6 Boxwood Leaf Spray.

Helpful Tip!  Once you decide on your stem placements, add a little hot glue to the end of the stem. Re-attach to your Foam Ball for extra hold.  

STEP 3:   Next attach 12-14 Real Touch Black Eucalyptus Branch Stems and  6-8 Dark Burgundy Berry Stems.

Final Step!  

Lastly, add 4-6 Big Bloom Phalaenopsis Blossoms to finish off this stunning wedding bouquet! 

I love how versatile this DIY Wedding Bouquet is for an Enchanted Forest Wedding! It will be the crowning jewel to any bridal look! Here at  MissPlanIt, you know what our motto is.  When every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt! See you next week!



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