Blooming Hearts Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts


With Valentines Day quickly approaching, many may not know what to get for their loved ones this year. If you are one of those people, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Nothing says I love you more than a memorable, thought-out, personalized DIY gift. Also, if you are looking for a valentine’s day craft idea for kids, this idea is perfect. Not only will this encourage creativity in your little one, but they can also give something from the heart to someone they love, such as a dad, mom, grandma, or grandpa!

Let’s Get Started:


How to Make a Blooming Hearts DIY Valentines Day Gift


STEP 1: Paint your wooden hearts red and allow them to dry.

STEP 2: Print out the pictures of your choice on regular copy paper. Measure against one of your wooden hearts. Now cut out the picture.

STEP 3: Apply mod podge to the back of your picture. Place the picture on top of your now red-painted heart. Apply additional mod podge, so it adheres. Remove excess mod podge with a damp cloth.

It’s Time to Make Your Flower Pot!

STEP 4: Take a sharpie and mark a line in the middle of your plastic container from one end to the next. Cut along that line. Paint your container inside and out.

STEP 5: Sit your painted container on your green glitter paper. Now trace from inside the container on top of your glitter paper. It should be in the shape of a semi-circle. Cut your semi-circle out. Apply hot glue to the edges and glue.

STEP 6: Create your leaf stencil. Take your leaf stencil, sit it on top of your glittered green paper and cut it out.

TIP: Find a leaf pattern off the internet. Print it out and then trace it on a piece of cardboard. Cut out your cardboard leaf. This is now your stencil.


STEP 7: You will now measure your ribbon cord depending on how many hearts you want on your canvas. Once you decide on placement, cut your cord. Next, attach your hearts and leaves. Lastly, glue everything down with E6000 glue adhesive, including your flower pot.

This super cute DIY Valentines Day gift is now a permanent decorative piece for your loved one’s home!

If you like the outcome, please let us know in the comments below. Also, share your ideas on what you would have done differently. Need more instructions, check out the Video Tutorial below.

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Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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