DIY Celebration Rainbow Party Centerpiece


This week’s project is a very special request, and I am so honored to be asked to assist with the party décor. A new mom recently adopted a beautiful little girl and wants to celebrate this wonderful occasion with a party. Adopting a precious child is such a selfless thing to do and is something that should be celebrated. Our new mom’s theme is rainbows. Join me this week as I create the Happy Rainbow Celebration Party Centerpiece to celebrate the beautiful gift of adoption!  Okay, let’s get started!


PROJECT COST *Cost of Featured Project $76.42 (Some supplies cover more than 1 centerpiece) * Prices fluctuate depending on coupon discount amount. *Price based on current sale cost. (taxes not included)

How To Make a Rainbow Party Centerpiece


STEP 1: First, we use a 12 x 4 White Round Foam Cake Form. Cover it using 12 x 12 Clouds In Sky Scrapbook Paper.  Let’s set that aside and put our rainbow together.

Add the Flowers

STEP 2:   Next, cut the 12-inch Styrofoam Disc in half.  Attach 24-30 Turquoise Mini Roses, 12-14 Peach Mini Roses, 8-10 Yellow Mini Roses, 6-8 Pink Mini Roses, and 12-16  Purple Eucalyptus.  Repeat on the opposite side.

Helpful Tip!  Also, put a dab of glue on the flowers before attaching them to the Styrofoam for extra security.

STEP 3: Attach Rainbow Styrofoam to the cake form with 2 Toothpicks. Attach 4-6 White Hydrangea Heads to the ends of the rainbow.

Final Step! Lastly, personalize with Gold Letters to symbolize the pot at the end of your rainbow!

I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful occasion. Creating this rainbow party centerpiece was such a joy. There is no bigger blessing than a child.  So,  for your special occasions, always remember, when every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt!

Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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