DIY Havana Birthday Party Centerpiece


Hi guys! 

So glad you could join me for this week’s project!  This Havana Nights Birthday Party Centerpiece will set the mood for an epic celebration!  So gather all your supplies, and let’s get this show on the road!

For video instructions, please check out the video tutorial below!


PROJECT COST *$59.46 (Some supplies cover more than 1 centerpiece) * Prices fluctuate depending on coupon discount amount. *Price based on current sale cost. (taxes not included)

For written instructions, please continue reading below:

How To Make Havana Nights Birthday Party Centerpieces


STEP 1: Before we fill the 20-inch Tall Tower vase with our Brown Sand, we will first indent the vase’s rim into the bottom of the Green Styrofoam Pot Filler.  Set it aside and fill the Tall Tower vase with sand.  Put hot glue into the indented pattern on your Green Styrofoam Pot Filler to seal. 

Add the Leaves

STEP 2: Attach 6-8 Artificial Palm Leaves and 3-5 Artificial Tropical Leaves.

Make the Bows

STEP 3: Create bows with Glitter Jute Ribbon and Floral Pins and attach 6-9 bows.

Insert the Flowers Into the Pot Filler

STEP 4: Attach 8-10 Hydrangea Heads, 6-8 White Butterfly Orchids, and 6-8 Green Butterfly Orchids.

Make the Havana Hat Embellishment

STEP 5: Create a Havana Hat Embellishment with a 3-inch Mini Woven Hat and Brown Bolo Cord.   Cut 1- 1/4 inch dowel to 4 inches long and attach with hot glue inside the hat.  Allow 10 minutes to set.

Final Step! Attach that final touch of Havana Nights! 

The rhythm is definitely gonna get you with this Havana Night Birthday Party  Centerpiece!   Thanks so much for hanging out with me!  Until next time take care, God bless!

Always remember,  when every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt.  See you next week!

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Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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