DIY Kate Spade Inspired Sweet 16 Birthday Centerpiece


I love all things, Kate Spade! The classy and chic look of the Kate Spade style is perfect for any event. Whether you are planning a Sweet 16 birthday party, bridal shower, or wedding, this project request came from a mom planning her daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party. So today, not only will we create beautiful Sweet 16 Kate Spade decorations, but we will do this Kate Spade Inspired Party on a budget. Yes, I am using a $1 nine-inch vase, a $1 four-inch vase,  and a $1 picture frame from Dollar Tree. However, if you were making this for any other event, you would not add the sweet 16 toppers. You are going to absolutely adore how this all turns out.  So let’s get started! For video instructions, please check out the video tutorial below!


Gold Extra Fine Glitter – 2 Ounce
– Black & White Glitter Stripe Scrapbook Paper – 12″ x 12″
– Gold Glitter XL Uppercase Alphabet Stickers
– Special Moments Two-Tone Matted Photo Frames, 4×6 in.
– Mod Podge Matte Craft Adhesive, 2-oz. Bottles
– Gold Plastic Charger Plates with Beaded Rims, 13 in.
– Royal Norfolk White Round Stoneware Side Plates, 7.5 in.

For written instructions, please continue reading below:

How To Make a DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Sweet 16 Birthday Centerpiece


STEP 1: Cut the black and white glitter paper to 5 inches and hot glue it to the bottom half of the 9-inch vase. Next, cut the gold paper to 3 inches and hot glue it to the top of the 9-inch vase. Repeat the same step for the 4-inch vase. First, wrap the black and white paper and then the gold paper around the vase and measure it. Once it is measured, cut both pieces of paper and hot glue the gold paper first and then the white and black paper.

Tip: I used a paper cutter to cut the paper. Using a paper cutter gives you a professional clean cut!

Create the Ribbon Petals

STEP 2: Hot glue the 4-inch ball to the 9-inch vase and then attach 8-10 Fuschia roses. Cut about one and a half inches of ribbon to create ribbon petals. Next, fold the ribbon in half and then attach a floral pin to the ribbon. After the floral pin is attached to the ribbon, insert the floral pin into the green foam ball. Repeat this step to make as many ribbon petals as you would like, and attach them all to the foam ball, being sure to fluff out each ribbon. Next, attach 6-8 pink roses and a sweet 16-cupcake topper to the top!


STEP 3: Now that your centerpiece is done, let me show you how to make gold table numbers. First, remove the paper and the glass from the frame and set the back of the frame to the side. Cover the frame in mod podge, sprinkle on fine gold glitter, and allow it to dry for 2-3 hours. Cut the black and white glitter paper to fit the frame. Attach a gold self-adhesive glitter number on the black and white paper. Place the paper inside the frame, add the back of the frame, and secure it. Lastly, set the table!

I love how this DIY Kate Spade Centerpiece turned out! The outcome is amazing and gives you an extra special touch to your wedding!

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Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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