DIY Wedding Chandelier Centerpiece: Eye-Catching Wedding Decor


Are you looking to bring your wedding décor to the next level? Something that you don’t traditionally see at weddings. Well, I have an excellent idea for you this week: you can DIY on a budget. This week I am making a DIY Wedding Chandelier that commands your attention.

I am in love with wedding chandeliers! They are so beautiful and have an elegant look that is perfect for someone planning a glam or elegant wedding.

The total cost of this entire wedding chandelier centerpiece was only $85. That is an absolute steal compared to what you would pay to rent something like this or have someone make it for you. I am also excited to share I used my very own Miss PlanIt White Roses to complete this project. My flowers are handmade, inexpensive, and look and feel just like real roses.  You can find them here!

Alrighty, so let’s get started making eye-catching wedding décor on a budget!  

Supply List:

How To Make An Eye-Catching DIY Wedding Chandelier


STEP 1 :  First, assemble your 20-inch Square Gold Wedding Flower Stand Metal.  It’s super easy.

Paint Dowel With Gold Paint

STEP 2:   Cut 1- 3/8 Wooden Dowel to 20 inches long.  Paint with Glorious Gold Dazzling Metallic Paint.  Attach to the center top of the square stand with Liquid Nail of High Heat Hot Glue. 

Attach the Green Foam Block

STEP 3:  Cut 4 – 3 x 2 inch pieces of Green Foam Block. Trim out the center section to fit around the frame.  Attach with hot glue.

Add Your Flowers

STEP 4:   Attach 6-8 Cabbage Roses and  6-8 White Roses to each foam section. 

Final Step!   

Lastly, hang the Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier.  Light or turn on the candles to transform your reception hall and WOW your guest! 

I can assure you to rent or have a designer create this DIY Wedding Chandelier would run you several hundred dollars.  But here at MissPlanIt, you know what our motto is.  When every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt. See you next week! 



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