Dollar Tree $15 Gold Winter Wonderland Centerpiece


Hi guys! I have another Dollar Tree Project treat for you! This fabulous Centerpiece can be used for so many occasions, a winter wedding, a holiday celebration, or even an extra unique mantel centerpiece to warm your house for the holiday season!   You won’t believe how easy it is to create this gorgeous look! What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!  

Supply List:


STEP 1:  For this project, we will need the following;  2- 7 inch Cylinder Vases, 1-9 inch Cylinder Vases, 10-12 2 inch Ornaments, 2 Holiday Floral Picks, 2-White Foam Disc, Gem Ribbon, Floral Wire, Craft Sand, 4 Containers of Water Beads, 1- Rectangular Charger and 3 Floating Candles.

STEP 2-3:  Attach the 2 Holiday Floral Picks with green Floral Wire.

STEP 4-5:  This step is optional. Adding this very simple but effective pedestal can add some height to the vases. Cut 2 Foam disks the same diameter as your Cylinder Vase. Attach the disk using hot glue. Next, wrap the disk with Gem Ribbon and attach it with hot glue. 

STEP 6: I wanted to use Christmas Ornaments for the floating arrangement, but plastic ornaments are typically hollow and will float to the top. To remedy that, add between 2-3 tbs of sand. Using a funnel, put 2-3 tbs of sand into 2-inch Christmas Ornaments, seal the opening with hot glue, and reattach the top. You will need 2 to 3 ornaments per vase. 

STEP 7-8:  Let’s put it all together! Place 1 Ornament on the bottom of the vase, and cover it with water beads. Repeat this step with two additional ornaments. Be sure to leave 3 inches to add water. Add water slowly. If you pour too fast, you will displace the water beads. Set filled vases on the Rectangular Tray. 

Final Step! Add a  2-3 inch Floating Candle to each vase, and let the “oh’s and ahs’s” begin.  

This Centerpiece is so versatile! You can use it for a winter wedding, holiday party, or holiday mantle decor! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Always remember our motto at MissPlanIt! When every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt!

For video instructions, please check out the video tutorial below!




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