$1 Hula Hoop Wedding Hack: How to Make a Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece


What you can do with a $1 hula hoop from Dollar Tree amazes me. This hula hoop wedding hack is such a clever idea, if I say so myself…lol. But more importantly, you will save tons of money choosing this option instead of traditional glass vases. Just think, you can create a beautiful table chandelier wedding centerpiece with a HULA HOOP for just $1. I know this is mind-boggling to comprehend but trust me, it can be done. So let’s get started. For video instructions, please check out the video tutorial below!


Supplies needed for this project:

For written instructions, please continue reading below:

$1 Hula Hoop Wedding Hack: How to Make a Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece


STEP 1: Remove the beads from your hula hoop. Now paint your hula hoop and wooden plaque with silver paint. Using hot glue, attach your foam block to the top of your wooden plaque. Insert the ends of your hula hoop int the sides of your foam block, adhering with hot glue. Touch up the ends of your hula hoop with silver paint as needed.

Make Your Hooks and Attach Your Globe Ball Candleholders

STEP 2: Cut your 22 gauge 18″ floral wires in half. Make a total of 5 hooks, some of which are 6 inches and some 8 inches in length. Now twist the ends in a hook shape. Attach your hooks to the top of your hula hoop with hot glue. Allow them to dry. Lastly, attach your globe ball candleholders.

Add Ivy Stems, Mint Leaf Stems, and Roses

STEP 3: Attach 10-14 ivy stems, 10-14 mini mint leaf stems, 8-12 blue roses, and 8-12 blush roses to your foam block. Fill in the space with eucalyptus stems.

THE FINAL STEP: Cover Your Floral Wire with Greenery and Flowers

STEP 4: To the top of your hula hoop, attach two eucalyptus stems, one rose, and 4-6 tea roses.

I absolutely love how this DIY Hula Hoop Wedding Centerpiece turned out! The outcome is fantastic and will definitely add that extra special touch to any wedding! Don’t forget to sign up for Ebates to earn cash back on your online purchases. Planning a wedding is expensive, but we aim to help you stay within your budget and make every penny count. Click here to sign up for Ebates, and RIGHT NOW when you sign up, you will receive a $10 cash welcome bonus when you spend $25.00!  If you like the outcome, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more DIY Videos and follow us on Facebook and  Pinterest.

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43 Responses

  1. I tried making one, but the weight of the globes and candles at the top makes the hoop fall forward and/or back. How did you avoid this? I tried weighing down the bottom by putting a larger candle jar atop the foam but the hoop would still tumble 🙁

    1. So sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. The key is to make sure that you have hot glued the hoop into the sides of the foam. Be sure to let it dry for at least 10 minutes. If the problem persists, you can attach ballon weights to the bottom of the wood plaque. You can get weights from The Dollar Tree. Just take off the decorative paper, unscrew the hook, keep the cover paper on and hot glue the bottom. That should do the trick. Hope this helps!

  2. Ah! Hot glue! I did forget this step when attaching the sides to the foam! The ballon weights idea is also great, thanks so much for the reply! I’ll do a second round 🙂

  3. Absolutely love it , love it, love it. I want to do it but afraid it won’t come out like you did it everything you do you do it so well. I love your work. I watch every video.

  4. Am in love . Will definitely try this today. Fingers crossed it works. I have to get it done. Lol am in aww of your works

  5. Hello, I want to decorate with 5inch balloons, do you think it will be sturdy and strong enough to hold weight of approximately 8-10 balloons?

  6. This is DEFINITELY more than a dollar. The hula hoop alone will cost you that. And roses? Expensive. I don’t understand how this is low budget 😕

    1. Hello! Yes, you are correct, it definitely is more than $1 🙂 to complete the total project. The project is based on using a $1 Hula Hoop to create it. I used some flowers from the Dollar Tree as well, you can get a bundle for a $1. Also consider purchasing additional flowers at your local craft store when they are on sale. With the sales and Dollar Tree items, this a a great budget-friendly project for any wedding!

  7. Are the candle holders acrylic or glass. If acrylic aren’t you afraid they could melt and be a fire hazard?

  8. Hello, can any acrylic paint work with this hoop or is there a specific one? I am doing 20 of this for a party at the end of the month and I am worried the paint I got will not stick on the hoop.

    1. Great question! Yes any acrylic paint should work. However, lightly sanding the hoops will help the paint adhere better. But be aware that you may need to do some touch up paint after assembly is complete. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi , I’m going to try this for party next month. Can you just glue hula hoop to wood and leave out the foam?

  10. Please I need help on table centerpieces for a quinceanera and she wants winter land can you please give me some ideas

  11. I looked at the small globes for the tea lights but doesn’t the glass get to hot? I was afraid it would and then shatter.

  12. I did mines but cut the hoops a little cause they look too high. Use two candle holders that came in two different sizes from dollar tree instead of the globes and added them in the foam base. Also moved the top arrangement to the side of the hoop but i loved it. Thanks miss planit. I wish i can sent you a pic

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