How To Make A Dollar Tree Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Mason Jar Centerpiece


A Beautiful Dollar Tree Mason Jar Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Mason Jar Party Centerpiece!

Hi guys! 

So glad you could join me for this week’s project. This request is a continuation of a previous project that displayed a boy version mason jar party celebration centerpiece that you can easily pair with this centerpiece. Centerpieces can be so expensive! That is why I’m always excited to show you new ways to get amazing looks for less!  We will use a Dollar Tree Mason Jar for this week’s project to create this Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Party Centerpiece! This centerpiece can be used for a birthday party, wedding, bridal shower, or any other event. Ok, let’s get started!

For video instructions, please check out the video tutorial below!


PROJECT COST *$9.40 (Some supplies cover more than 1 centerpiece) * Prices fluctuate depending on coupon discount amount. *Price based on current sale cost. (taxes not included)

For written instructions, please continue reading below:

How To Make a Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s Mason Jar Party Centerpiece


STEP 1: We will use a Dollar Tree 16 oz Mason Jar to create our centerpiece. Cut Black Resin Gem Strip Stickers into 2 inches by 1/2 segments.  Attach them to the Mason Jar right under the rim.  Next, cut a 4-inch Poly Chain Fringe to cover the outside of the jar.  Attach it halfway up the jar.  Then add the second Fringe Section 1.5 inches below the rim, creating a flapper dress.   Attach 1 Gold Paper Flower Embellishment. Fill the Mason Jar with Gold Glitter Ball Confetti. 

Paint Mason Jar Lid Black and Add Black Glitter

STEP 2: Now that our base is ready, we will add some pizzaz! Paint the Mason Jar Lid black and cover it with Black Extra Fine Glitter while the paint is still wet.  Allow 30 minutes to dry. While that is drying, let’s create our hat!  Cut a 2-inch Styrofoam ball in half.  Attach it to the top of another Mason Jar Lid. Paint it black and cover it with Black Extra Fine Glitter while the paint is still wet.  Allow 30 minutes to dry.  Attach a White Feather and 1 Gold Paper Flower Embellishment. 

Helpful Tip! Trim down the feather to scale. 

Add the Flowers

STEP 3: Attach 2-3 White Hydrangea Heads to the top of the glittered lid.  Place the hat on top of the Hydrangea head of the hair.  Voila! Your Roaring 20’s girl is ready to celebrate!  

Helpful Tip! Put a little hot glue on the rim of the hat before placing it on top of the Hydrangea to hold it in place.  

Final Steps!  To complete the look, I added a 12-inch round mirror, 2 Tea Light Holders and 1 Fishbowl candle holder with a floating candle; the latter are Dollar Tree finds! Check out our Resource Library for our Free Dollar Tree Vase Hack Cards! 

Closing Remarks: This centerpiece is all about FUN!  It will be the life of the party!  You can pair it with our boy version Mason Jar Celebration Centerpiece and double the excitement!  Always remember when every penny counts, count on MissPlanIt!  See you next week! 

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“Remember When Every Penny Counts, Count on MissPlanIt”

Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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