How To Make a Pretty Peacock and Purple Bridal Bouquet


When doing a peacock-themed wedding, purple is a great option to add to your wedding décor – the colors mesh so well. In today’s tutorial, you will see how to make a pretty peacock and purple bridal bouquet in just a few easy steps.

Incorporating peacock feathers showcases your peacock wedding theme, but you can also add colors if you don’t want to add feathers. Here is a bridal bouquet from one of my previous tutorials demonstrating peacock colors without peacock feathers. 

If you need an idea for a centerpiece, I definitely recommend you check this one out – it will go perfectly with your peacock theme. A mother of a soon-to-be bride sent in this project request, and I am so excited to show her how to create this bridal bouquet for her daughter. This surprise will surely make for a tearful moment during her special day.


How To Make a Pretty Peacock and Purple Bridal Bouquet


STEP 1: A straight-handle bouquet holder and a 6-inch half-foam ball will create the foundation for this project.  Cut out the center of the foam half-ball to fit the straight-handle bouquet holder.  Attach the straight-handle bouquet holder and styrofoam half ball with hot glue.  

Attach Your Flowers

STEP 2:  Add 8-10 True Touch Purple Carolina Roses, 2 Purple Freesia Spray Stems, and 4 Grape Gina Rose Buds. 

Add the Feathers

STEP 3:  Attach 20-24 Peacock Feathers

STEP 4: Cut and attach Ivy Leaf Stems from 2 to 24 inches long.  Start in the center of the bouquet with the shorter stems and work your way out with the long stems. 

Final Step!  

Take a step back and check out your masterpiece.  Make any additions or adjustments! 

I love the idea of surprising your daughter with a bridal bouquet created by your own hands.  I get emotional just thinking about it. We are honored to be a part of so many of our Community Members’ special days. Always remember,  when every penny counts, count on Miss PlanIt. See y’all next week! 




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