Willy Wonka Inspired Centerpiece


Candy centerpieces are becoming more and more popular for birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, bridal showers and more. If you want to add a twist on your candy centerpieces do so by DIYing your own candy. This saves you money and allows you to use the same ‘candy’ over and over again. See how in this Willy Wonka Inspired Candy Centerpiece below. For video instructions, check out the full video tutorial at the end of this post!


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Let’s Get Started:

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How To Make a DIY Candy Centerpiece


STEP 1: First, let’s start by making our Willy Wonka hat. Since I could not find any in the store that I liked or that were less than $15 I decided to make my own.

Begin by flipping your tin pail over. Then attach the green foam insert to your tin pail using hot glue. Next hot glue the plastic planter saucer to your 8 inch foam disc. You now have 2 separate pieces that you will not attach rather they will remain separate.

TIP: Alot of times you have to transport your centerpieces and it’s easier to transport them in 2 pieces. This is the reason the pieces will remain separate.

STEP 2: Paint all the pieces purple. While the paint is still wet sprinkle on your purple glitter.

It’s time to DIY your candy

STEP 3: I’m going to show you how to DIY your own candy. From jawbreakers, to stick candy, and candy canes. Making your own candy is a great way to be creative while also staying in your budget.

We will create the jawbreakers first. This is done by attaching your 1 1/2 and 2 inch foam balls to your 1/4 inch wooden dowel. Also paint the foam ball with your color choice. For me I’m painting it yellow. Next sprinkle jumbo iridescent glitter to your foam ball.

TIP: Iridescent glitter reflects whatever color it is put on.

STEP 4: Repeat the same steps from Step 3 to create your lollipops. Alternating 3 inch and 4 inch discs and painting your foam disc with pink paint.

STEP 5: To create your stick candy, simply attach your rope to your wooden dowel with hot glue. Spray your adhesive to your rope and sprinkle on your jumbo iridescent glitter.

Let’s make our candy canes

STEP 6: Our next candy creations are candy canes. Paint your 3/8 inch wooden dowels with white paint and then wrap your dowel with red ribbon.

STEP 7: One of my favorite pieces of this centerpiece are the mushrooms. They just bring the whimsy right into this project. We are going to use wine corks to make them and will paint the top of the corks red. Allow this to dry and then add white dots with white paint.

STEP 8: Bunch up some of your green tulle and hot glue it and a 4 inch wooden dowel to the back of your lollipop. Allow them both to dry.

STEP 9: Add 1 1/2 inch white krinkle ribbon and your lollipop to your Willy Wonka Hat.

Add all your candy to your green foam insert

STEP 10: Attach your 4-5 candy canes, 4-5 lollipops, 4-5 jawbreakers, 2-4 candy mushrooms and 2-4 candy sticks at various heights to your green foam insert.

STEP 11: Lastly, we are going to make some tulle blossoms. Cut green tulle into squares. Take each square and make it into a smaller square. Then attach it to your floral pin. Finally, add 8-12 net tulle blossoms to your green foam insert.


STEP 12: Admire this creative creation!

I absolutely love how this DIY candy centerpiece turned out! The outcome is amazing and will definitely add that extra special touch to any event!

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“Remember When Every Penny Counts, Count on MissPlanIt”

Check out the video tutorial for the project below!




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